BE for Capita
Redesigning the Complete Customer Onboarding Process for a German Telecommunications Business
Challenging the brief
Working with Capita, an international consultancy and customer service expert, we analysed the customer service processes for a German telecommunications business. The key objectives were to (a) reduce customer service contacts, (b) increase online adoption, and (c) improve customer satisfaction. Behavioural Economy mapped and analysed all existing customer journeys across the full customer lifecycle. Our goal was to identify one solution that would deliver all three objectives.
Informing our Approach
During the “AS IS” and “TO BE” analysis of over 25 key customer journeys we identified the very first beginning of the onboarding phase of new customers as critical point in time in which customers either develop a strong positive relationship or start to have a series of critical customer service contacts where they cannot resolve their critical questions. From the analysis of all relevant journeys we identified that disjointed and overloaded initial customer communication played an essential role in triggering such critical customer service contacts.
Generating Impact
Based on the strong behavioural insight around the importance of the initial client onboarding experience, we decided with our client Capita to completely redesign the initial Welcome Journey for all new customers of the telco company. For that purpose we chose a “digital drip-feed” approach where we divided all customer-relevant information into 11 short messages that we scheduled to be sent to the client over the first six weeks of its initial client experience both across offline and online channels. By doing that we achieved a significant uplift of online adoption of key functions of the telco’s self-service web-portal, reduction of customer service contacts via phone whilst maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.